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Does using bait cures actually help anglers catch more fish?

03/23/2016 – John Snyder- SWFN  


For years anglers have been creating secret concoctions to allure more fish to the hook. Every thing from WD-40 to rotten chicken livers have been claimed to be the secret weapon that has fish jumping right on the stringer. One thing for certain modern bait cures have been very effective at helping to preserve the bait as well as attracting fish.  Increasing the shelf life of you bait is great, but if it doesn’t entice fish to the bite it’s worthless.

Zillabait has the cure! 




One manufacturer that has taken bait cure to a whole new level, is a relatively unknown company called Zillabait. It’s not that they haven’t been around it’s just that Zillabait’s cure over the years has only been available to professional fishing guides.  12549087_1099111606767875_4085521179921317109_n


These guides swear by Zillabait and is the only bait cure they use. Fast forward to today Zillabait is now is available to the public. Offering up the only 100% PH balanced cure, made from only the highest quality ingredients.


Years of rigorous testing has gone into this product which is currently offers salmon and steelhead cures. Best of all the fish love it. Just gobble it down which has Zilla flying off the shelves, making it hard to get. No worries though you can go to the Zillabait.com website and get some of this phenomenal product for yourself.




Go to Zillabait.com and order some today!

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