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Trout fishing beads that really work

When it comes to trout fishing beads have become a main staple in the industry because of there effectiveness and ease of use. As a result, several beads manufacturers have come onto the scene of the years creating lines of hard and soft plastic beads, painted lead, and glass beads all of which have proven very effective.

Today we have a newcomer on the scene that is introducing a whole new line of beads to the bead fishing industry. “Stone Cold Beads” are the only fishing beads manufacturer that makes their beads from natural gemstones.

These beads are brilliant in color, eco-friendly, yet deadly effective on salmon, trout, and steelhead.

We decided to put these beads to the test and went after some coastal cutthroat to see what kind of results we could get. We went with two colors they offer. “Cheese Moe” and Orange Ultra Fresh. Both were very effective.


Two start, we ran the hook about four inches under the bead to provide the best opportunity for a mouth hook as we were intending to release these beautiful fish. We also scented the beads with salmon egg oil as an additional attractant.


We set these beads up under a float since they are nice and heavy and do not require any added weight. On the second drift with the “Cheese Moe” bead it was fish on! Landing us a beautiful cutty. Two more drifts and we had a nice little rainbow on. Next, we rigged up the Stone Cold Beads “Orange Crusher Roe” it was like a feeding frenzy, the cutthroat were going crazy providing back to back hookups. The test was conclusive these were trout fishing beads that really work and we had a blast testing them out. Check out Stone Cold Beads today and see for yourself and see why these guys are the real deal.




You can order Stone Cold Beads on their website at http://stonecoldbeads.com













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